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A Whole Lotta Love

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm a little late on a Valentine's post but I still want to share some of the goodies I was whipping up last week. Last weekend I made small boxes filled with pink (duh) peanut butter cookies with a kiss, sugar cookies, chocolate truffles and then a smaller container of chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. These packages went to some very special people in our lives, our 'babysitters' aka my fiance's family and my parents who watch our daughter while we're at work. A LOT of love went into creating these packages. Best part, everyone loved their tasty gifts!

Grapefruit cupcakes with champagne buttercream
All packaged and ready to go
Pretty in Pink
All packaged and ready to go
Everyone loved their special packages!

I also received an order from an old school friend to create a special gift for his fiance. Since I was already baking up a storm, I included the same items from above. Although, I tried a different sugar cookie recipe and modified it a bit. These sugar cookies are amazing! I'm talking about melt in your mouth sugary-buttery goodness! The cake box I used was much larger so it was a complete package that included the cupcakes. I spoke to my friend after the goodies were delivered and his fiance LOVED them! What a great way to tell the lady you love how special she is.

For now, XOXO

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